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A Fully Integrated EHR, Practice Management, and Billing Solution

We know what's important to you. That's why we've created a solution that improves cash flow,
increases revenue, and reduces your liability risk. We help manage the business of medicine
so that you can continue to practice medicine.

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Why Choose MED A-Z?

Our Fully integrated solution, Med A-Z complete, includes ONC certified Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management, and Billing products. Our solution increases revenue, improves cash flow, and reduces your liability all while supporting you in providing exceptional care


Integrated. Certified. Intuitive.

Streamlines and simplifies the creation, storage, and use of clinical data. Integration is fast and easy. We provide tools to customize each installation to meet the individualized needs of your practice.

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Practice Management

Manage. Coordinate. Prioritize.

Med A-Z Complete’s Practice Management component puts everything you need right at your fingertips. Patient data, scheduling and insurance information are available.

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Increase Cash Flow. Reduce Overhead. Generate More Revenues.

Med A-Z Complete’s billing component is a complete Revenue Cycle Management System that handles all of your billing and coding function...

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About MED A-Z

Innovation. Experience. Powerful.

Med A-Z is an accredited Electronic Health Record and Practice management software company. With 350 years of combined software development experience, more than 100 years of clinical experience and years of client feedback, we know how to fulfill your needs. We strive to support our worldwide clients in expanding their best practices by building tools that advance these objectives directly into our products. Our goal is to provide these services in a way that is totally secure, reliable, and easy-to-use.

It’s not merely a “database” or a “system” that integrates billing, patient demographics or standard based patient disease information. It’s an “environment”. We’ve created an interactive vision that’s about more than technology. It encompasses the policies, practices and continuously evolving processes of the health care industry. It allows our clients to seamlessly adapt to the changes mandated by regulatory controls and policies by reconciling information into a single customer resource that serves their changing needs. Not only is Med A-Z ONC certified for hospitals and physicians, it’s also approved by many HITECH Regional Extension Centers across the U.S., including California and New York. Surescripts certification allows you to be directly linked to the leading E-prescribing network in the country. Time tested and industry approved, Med A-Z is a thoroughly proven product. We pride ourselves on being a company that emphasizes ethics as much as technological evolution. We entered the market years before government incentives were introduced. That’s because we put product quality before compensation. Our commitment to quality shows. Med A-Z was named the “Doctor’s office of the future” by Canada’s Infoway and participated in one of the first RHIOs in the US. Our success is the result of the exceptional support our model provides for the practices we serve.

Increase cash flow

We send out bills electronically to most insurance for quicker payments. Bills are scrubbed to reduce typical errors like medical necessity checks, correct coding edits and accurate ICD coding.

Increase revenues

Most of our billing clients experience an increase in revenues of 10% or higher due to follow-up of claims through completion.

Reduce risks

Clinical guidelines based decision support toools helps you ensure that you comply with latest guidleines. Check on ongoing clinical trials to help your patient with latest treatements.



Clinical Labs


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I qualify to receive Med A-Z Complete for free?

    All clients using Med A-Z’s billing service automatically qualify to receive Med A-Z Complete.

  • Med A-Z earns a small percentage of the gross collected receipts of a practice. The resulting payment is typically far less than the cost of personnel and space required for manual systems. Our percentage cost is typically lower than other billing systems, and your total investment is significantly lower with Med A-Z because we provide you with an Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management solution free. Our competitors do not. In recognition of obvious economies of scale, we also offer lower percentage fees for higher revenue practices.

  • Yes.

  • Our products can be bought together or as separate EHR, billing, or practice management product. We integrate with any other system in use using ONC HL7 standards.

  • Yes. Med A-Z Billing users report at least a 10% increase in revenues above the CMS incentives as the system regularly identifies legitimately billable items that their practices had not been charging previously. Bills are ready for transmission before the patient even leaves the office. The speed, accuracy, proper coding, and adherence to payor policies combine to produce faster payment and therefore increased cash flow.

Sanjiv Gupta, MD, MBA, JD

Grayson Health Park, KY

After reviewing several EHR systems, we chose Med A-Z because it had all the capabilities we required and seemed very easy to use. Installation went smoothly and the Med A-Z support staff gave our team all the training they needed. Since it takes only basic computer skills to use the system, we haven’t had to add any in-house technical staff. Our cash flows have improved dramatically with the use of their billing service. If any issues arise, Med A-Z is available by phone 24/7 and their support has been absolutely amazing. I am very happy and would definitely choose Med A-Z again!

Nancy Henry

Practice Manager

Patient Choice Cardiology, KY

It’s a very friendly medical record system that makes a lot of office tasks much easier than our old paper records. We’ve eliminated transcription and all the errors and misunderstandings that came with it. Patients like the fact that we’re able to retrieve information and answer their questions more quickly. We’d never want to go back to paper charts. The system is very stable. We’ve never had a day out of service, but we’ve heard about other practices having a lot of downtime with other EMR products. Overall, we’re glad we did it and would do it again.

Raghu Srinivasan, MD, FACC

Heart SMart, KY

The system is very intuitive and easy to learn. Support and training were both very good. All office processes are streamlined with Med A-Z. Everything is documented — clinically, financially and administratively — faster, with fewer steps and much less chance for error. The total patient encounter is completed more quickly but actual doctor-patient time is increased. Billing and charting are done as the patient leaves the office. When you’re done; you’re done. We are very happy and would definitely purchase Med A-Z again.

Stewart Bae, MD

Stewatr BAe MD PC, NY

I am extremely satisified with the system. Their services have helped us increase efficiencies and increase revnues.


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