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Integrated. Certified. Intuitive.

Med A-Z Complete’s EHR component is a comprehensive, fully-integrated, Office of National Coordinator – Health Information Technology (2015 edition compliant – CHPL Product Number: XXXXXXXXXXX, Certification Date:mm/dd/yyyy) accredited and HIPAA compliant solution that streamlines and simplifies the creation, storage and use of clinical data. Integration is fast and easy. It doesn’t require your staff to adapt to the system. We customize the flow for each installation to meet the individualized needs of your practice. We combine intuitive operation, clear documentation and readily available tech support to get you started quickly and keep you running smoothly. The EHR component is certified for both ambulatory and in-patient forming a complete system.

Our EHR streamlines workflow and supports clinical quality by providing auto-copy patient history, customizable templates, charts specifically designed for each provider, warnings of under or over coding and review by exception. These key features form a complete clinical information solution. They automate all key workflow, documentation and ordering functions, including access to evidence-based guidelines for many diagnoses. As the EHR system is fully integrated with Practice Management and billing, it forms an end-to-end information structure that significantly enhances the efficiency, profitability and risk profile of your practice. These powerful features can transform the way you do business.

Using Med A-Z Complete isn’t just good practice. It’s good business. The results pay you. Several aspects of the system (denoted by * below) will help your practice qualify for enhanced reimbursement under legislation that rewards “meaningful use” of Electronic Health Records. Our EHR provides peace of mind. The coordination and documentation features as well as its built-in access to evidence-based guidelines help protect your practice against frivolous lawsuits.

Med A-Z Complete does it all:

  • Office floor plan shows location and status of all patients: checking in, waiting, exam room, tests, checkout, etc.
  • Provides summary of patient problems, prescriptions and recent tests to authorized personnel.
  • Logs chief complaint, allergies, history of present illness, current medications, active and inactive problems, symptoms, past social history, family history and review of systems based on patient feedback.
  • One-click Dx template to auto fill History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physical Exam, ICD, CPT, Test orders, Prescriptions, Referrals, Impression, Plan.
  • Customizes disease management prompts for pending tests and procedures based on evidence-based guidelines for diseases treated by the physician
  • Provides warnings about drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-procedure interaction.
  • Customizes templates for HPI, Disease template, protocols for disease management (physical exam, impression/plan, prescriptions, referrals)
  • Access to evidence-based guidelines
  • Insurance plan billing order
  • Procedure and diagnosis code linking
  • Logs educational/instructional material provided to patient (e.g., smoking cessation documents, weight management, etc.)
  • Integrated Framingham 10-year risk factor calculations to predict risk of heart disease or stroke for the patient.
  • Chart and view changes in height, weight, BMI relative to recommended values.
  • Custom templates for History of Present Illness and Review of Symptoms based on physician preferences.
  • Reports on test results based on pending orders.
  • *HL7 Electronic interfaces with:
    • Labs
    • Prescription networks
    • PACS (displays DICOM images)
    • Hospital
    • Other EHRs

Click here for a brief flash demo or click here for a full demo of the system.