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Med A-Z Complete’s Practice Management component puts everything you need right at your fingertips. Patient data, scheduling and insurance information are available in an instant. Screen displays are customized to your previously existing procedures, creating an intuitive workflow. This level of familiarity allows your staff to get up to speed quickly and comfortably. It also provides a full range of activity reports that let you regularly evaluate and improve performance.

Practice Management allows you to increase productivity and space while maximizing patient satisfaction with office operations. Used in conjunction with the EHR system and Billing, it forms a seamless information network that significantly increases your income potential while reducing the risk profile of your practice. In addition to our competitive pricing, your savings are compounded when you use Med A-Z’s billing service, which offers the EHR and Practice Management systems at no extra charge.

Features of the Practice Management component include:

  • Patient information such as demographics, insurance, privacy preferences, contacts, scanned referrals, faxes, notes and case management details.
  • Privacy preferences exceed HIPAA requirements and allow patients to restrict access by data elements.
  • Sounds like” search to return patients that have names that sound like what is entered.
  • Account retrieval by numerous search criteria including patient last name, first name, alias, date of birth, social security number, phone number, transaction number and medical record number.
  • Patient referral management such as capitation, referral tracking, copayments, number of allowable visits and utilization.
  • User-defined reports generated by procedure, A/R class, location, referring doctor, date range, service or posting date, insurance, department, provider and credit type.
  • Mark patient preference to be excluded from print reports sent externally.
  • Referral tracking warns when patients approach referral service limits

Reception Desk

  • Log patient times related to check in, time in room, time spent with doctor for workflow optimization and reporting.
  • Prompts for invalid address and patient balance
  • Apply copayments
  • Verify patient insurances using Electronic Data Interchange with your clearinghouse
  • Numerous views and reports: includes schedule printouts by provider/room, daily/weekly schedule report, monthly density report and reports for no-shows, cancellations and reschedules.
  • Multi-search function: by day, time, place, provider and appointment type.
  • Extensive customization: customized screen settings, user-defined appointment types, appointment duration’s, overbooking features, time slot intervals by provider/room, etc.
  • Set up schedules by individual resources, group resources, diagnostic or laboratory tests.
  • Set up recurring appointments
  • Print customized encounter sheets, if required
  • Attach electronic faxes, scanned paper to patient charts in a single seamless interface

Click here for a brief flash demo or click here for a full demo of the system.