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Proven. Powerful. Free.

Each of the three Med A-Z Complete modules, EHR, Practice Management and billing matches or surpasses its competitors in features, reliability and ease of use. Even so, no other company offers a package that approaches the value of our unique pricing arrangement.

As a Billing client, your practice will receive our EHR and Practice Management modules at NO CHARGE. This gives you the benefit of a fully-integrated medical office information system at a cost significantly lower than any other provider. To purchase these components separately would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more. The combined capabilities of the Med A-Z Complete system is unmatched by any other product available in the industry today.

With Med A-Z Complete, every patient visit will be fully documented and supported with an integrated end-to-end process drawing from each of the three modules, including:

  • Flexible scheduling related to resources
  • Check-in using patient demographics and copay collection (or at checkout)
  • Rooming with history, vitals, PFSH and labs
  • HIPAA compliant exam support including chart, cumulative profile, review of systems and access to evidence-based guidelines
  • Checkout including copay collection, printed or electronically transmitted prescriptions, lab or test orders, patient instructions and follow up scheduling
  • Referral letters ready for signature
  • Coding and billing, ready to print or transmit when the patient leaves the office
  • Printed HCFA forms
  • Compilation of clinical, administrative and financial reports to guide practice improvement
  • Our development team is constantly monitoring changes in the industry to keep Med A-Z products and our clients current with clinical, regulatory and reimbursement changes. Issues brought to our year-round, 24-hour support specialists provide feedback for the development team to ensure continued enhancement of the program as your practice and the industry continue to grow.

    Click here for a brief flash demo or click here for a full demo of the system.