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How do I qualify to receive Med A-Z Complete for free?

All clients using Med A-Z’s billing service automatically qualify to receive Med A-Z Complete free.

What do you charge for your billing program?

Med A-Z earns a small percentage of the gross collected receipts of a practice. The resulting payment is typically far less than the cost of personnel and space required for manual systems. Our percentage cost is typically lower than other billing systems, and your total investment is significantly lower with Med A-Z because we provide you with an Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management solution free. Our competitors do not. In recognition of obvious economies of scale, we also offer lower percentage fees for higher billing practices.

Will it increase my cash flow and generate more revenue?

Yes. Med A-Z Billing users report at least a 10% increase in revenues above the CMS incentives as the system regularly identifies legitimately billable items that their practices had not been charging previously. Bills are ready for transmission before the patient even leaves the office. The speed, accuracy, proper coding and adherence to payor policies combine to produce faster payment and therefore increased cash flow.

Can your billing system improve my denial/rejection rate?

Yes. Med A-Z follows ISO 9001 certified processes to ensure that the bills are sent out clean the first time. Our scrubbing tool provides LMRP edits, CCI and mutually exclusive edits. This process ensures accurate tracking and follow-up on denied claims through resolution.

How many insurance plans does your billing system allow? How are new plans added?

There is no restriction on the number of plans that can be added. Med A-Z provides this ability through the Insurance setup screen in the system.

What does ONC HIT certified mean?

ONC HIT – Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology – is the only body authorized to certify Electronic Health Records. ONC has authorized certain organizations to perform Complete EHR and/or EHR Module testing and certification. These ONC-ATCBs are required to test and certify EHRs to the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary under subpart C of Part 170 Part II and Part III as stipulated in the Standards and Certification Criteria Final Rule.

Why do I need an ONC HIT certified system? Does it cost more?

ONC HIT Certification is your assurance that the system meets nationally recognized standards. It is also the de facto standard of eligibility to receive enhanced reimbursement for “meaningful use” of EHR under the HITECH Act. Since you will receive Med A-Z Complete at no extra charge when you use Med A-Z’s billing service, there is no additional cost.

Is Med A-Z HIPAA compliant?


What are the security levels on the system? Does staff get separate passwords and different access?

Med A-Z provides the ability to define the tasks for a role, map users to a role and further restrict accesses based on the privileges to be given to the user. For example, you could set up a billing manager and a billing clerk under the same role with differing privileges.

Can Med A-Z interface with my laboratory?

Yes. Med A-Z is Health Level 7 (HL7) compliant. Our interfaces are certified for use with Quest Labs, LabCorp and numerous regional labs.

I have my own laboratory in my office. Can I interface my lab results into the EHR, order our tests thru the lab module and do the billing for the lab portion?

Yes. Med A-Z can interface with your lab system to order tests, receive results and bill for all testing. Moreover, we are able to accept diagnostic images, and medical device inputs from HL7 vendors.

Does Med A-Z have electronic prescriptions? What is the cost?

Yes. Med A-Z is gold certified with Surescripts to generate prescriptions and prescription refills electronically. Med A-Z does not charge you for this feature. Surescripts or the pharmacy clearinghouse may have a per transaction cost that is defined in the terms of your agreement with them.

Does the system have alerts for drug and allergy interactions?

Yes. Med A-Z provides drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-procedure interaction checking. Data is obtained using certified third party sources and updated monthly. Known interactions are automatically alerted.

Does Med A-Z have credit card processing as part of the billing process?

Med A-Z works with selected third party credit card processing companies. Customers of these companies can use Med A-Z to accept credit and debit card payments.

Can I view the status of each bill or claim?

Yes. Med A-Z provides accurate tracking and follow-up on all claims through resolution. Authorized users can view the real time status of any claim.

How do my current charts get into the EHR system?

Current charts are scanned into the system. You have the option of scanning charts all at once or individually as patients come in for appointments. The latter choice helps you to slowly transition away from paper charts in 6 to 9 months.

I currently have an old EHR and billing system. Can Med A-Z transfer the data into the system?

Yes. We can transfer patient demographics, insurance information and EHR data into Med A-Z free of charge if it is provided in an HL7 format. If not, we charge a modest fee to extract the data.

I have more than one office. Can I view other offices from any site? Is there an additional charge for each office?

All authorized users can view information from any site or through the internet. There is no additional charge for multiple locations.

Does your system help with risk management?

Yes. The combination of highly detailed record keeping and access to evidence-based guidelines will help to mitigate risk. The system will also help you with insurance audits.

What are the computer and internet connection requirements to use your system?

The requirements vary based on the size of your practice. A typical environment consists of a server in your office with a DSL or cable connection and computers connected to your server. Multi-location practices may require high bandwidth internet connections. For a personalized assessment, please contact a sales representative.