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After reviewing several EHR systems, we chose Med A-Z because it had all the capabilities we required and seemed very easy to use. Installation went smoothly and the Med A-Z support staff gave our team all the training they needed. Since it takes only basic computer skills to use the system, we haven’t had to add any in-house technical staff. Our cash flows have improved dramatically with the use of their billing service. If any issues arise, Med A-Z is available by phone 24/7 and their support has been absolutely amazing. I am very happy and would definitely choose Med A-Z again!

Sanjiv Gupta MD, MBA, JD
Grayson Health Park &
Tristate Primary Care
Grayson, KY


More Features

Coordinated. Convenient. User-Friendly.

Med A-Z Complete is specifically designed to match the working style and preferences of your practice. Installation is customized to your specialty but even more so to each clinician’s individual practice preferences and terminology.

These important security and ease of use features are found in Med A-Z Complete:

  • Data encryption and disaster recovery
  • Administrator-defined access permissions and customization’s
  • Multiple security access levels: assigned per user, per group, per module
  • Secure remote access
  • Mobile interface
  • Word Processing
    • Letter creation based on: date of service range, diagnoses, procedures, birthday letters, operative reports, dunning and pre-collection letters, request for insurance information, patient labels, referring physician labels
    • Mail-merge for automation of single letters or letters to groups of patients, providers, insurance companies, attorneys, etc. Built-in word processing, seamlessly integrated with other system modules
    • Free-form letters and documents supported, both stand-alone or generated by merging information from the system database
    • Mail-merge label printing
    • Integrated spell check
  • Regular Updates: Med A-Z Complete may be either installed on your servers or operated in the “cloud” over the internet as Software As A Service. Updates are provided automatically in either mode.

Click here for a brief flash demo or click here for a full demo of the system.