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It’s a very friendly medical record system that makes a lot of office tasks much easier than our old paper records. We’ve eliminated transcription and all the errors and misunderstandings that came with it. Patients like the fact that we’re able to retrieve information and answer their questions more quickly. We’d never want to go back to paper charts. The system is very stable. We’ve never had a day out of service, but we’ve heard about other practices having a lot of downtime with other EMR products. Overall, we’re glad we did it and would do it again.

Nancy Henry,
Practice Manager

Patient Choice Cardiology
Edgewood, KY



Med A-Z Complete and the HITECH Act

Receive your CMS and E-prescribing incentives.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama as part of the economic stimulus program in February, 2009, contains provisions to encourage “meaningful use” of EHR systems by providing financial incentives to practitioners. Med A-Z has been instrumental in helping HITECH RECs monitor and enhance “meaningful use” for practices. Med A-Z also prepares the CMS incentive paperwork for free.

Med A-Z is keeping a constant watch on regulatory and policy developments related to the HITECH Act and we’ll be pleased to share them with you so your practice can be better prepared to take advantage of them.


November 3, 2011COREC Offers Providers the Ability to Track Progress Toward Achieving Meaningful Use
April 8, 2011Med A-Z, Receives ONC-ATCB Certification
July 28, 2010ACR 2 Solutions and Med A-Z
April 27, 2010EBM IPA Selects Med A-Z EHR for member Physicians
February 22, 2010KATSI’s Med A-Z Healthcare Software Earns Surescripts® Certification
July 23, 2007 Malvi Systems signs up as a distributor of  Med A-Z
July 17, 2007 Prologix signs up as a distributor of Med A-Z RCM services and products…
July 12, 2007 Med A-Z EHR solution is a Florida Department of Health, Florida SHOTS certified vendor
Feb 01, 2007 Med A-Z EHR solution receives CCHIT certification
May 03, 2006Canada’s ‘Physician’s Office of the Future’ to Rely on Med A-Z